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About Me

My Background

Originally from Virginia, I have been a Tribeca resident for 20 years. 

My experience

I have been studying at The Green Studio for the past 10 years in lower Manhattan.  I work downtown in New York City in my own studio space .

From my first art lessons at age 10 , I have always had an interest in self expression.  Now, after working in many areas (teaching, fashion, business, design), I am  fully committed to pursuing my creative spirit and passion for painting. Exploring exotic places in the world has enriched my appreciation and love for the beauty of what is around us and my desire to interpret what I feel on the canvas.

My Artist Statement

My work is reflective of my love of discovery and storytelling.  Always learning and engaging with my inner self, my paintings are drawn from my imagination but often inspired by an emotion or scene from the many places I have visited.  They are representative of my personality - slightly skewed, playful and questioning. Contemplative women are a common theme as well as narratives which evoke a feeling of mystery or intrigue.  My perspective often ignores rules and the forms are built by layering color and shifting value and saturation. The process of painting excites me the most.  I take photos at each stage and am not afraid to go back and paint over whole parts, adding new things to find a new shape or idea to build on.  I am always eager to see what happens next.